Ballet in Cinema Super Fans Unite!

If you’re a fan of Emerging Pictures’ Ballet in Cinema Series, here’s your chance to play a vital role on our Team! Become a Super Fan: You’ll receive free tickets and chances to score DVDs & CDs and classic ballet memorabilia! Besides receiving local and national recognition via Emerging Pictures and our local venue partners, you’ll be doing a valuable service in supporting your local arts community.

Your goal as a Super Fan is to spread the word about our Ballet in Cinema series in your community. You will be in touch with local performing arts groups, classical radio, dance schools, colleges, government cultural affairs departments, economic development groups, ballet companies – anybody in your community who loves the arts as much as you do.

On show days, we invite you as a member of the Emerging Pictures family to greet the audience at the theatre, thank them for coming out and make sure the programs and upcoming schedules are distributed to each and every patron. It’s an easy and fun way to meet others in your community who enjoy world-class performing arts as much as you do. Naturally, all Super Fans receive a pair of complimentary tickets to every show!

Super Fans are our eyes and ears in local arts communities. Your feedback about the Ballet in Cinema events – including observations about audience reaction, and other thoughts on the experience – are incredibly valuable to us as we craft future programs.

We welcome as much participation as you can give!